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What is Included With Our Doors?

Services & Ordering

One of the most important issues to get correct when ordering a door is getting the swing correct. There are usually two issues you should address. First, the preferred way to open a door is to have the light switch easily accessible when entering the room, so you would not generally like to have to go behind the door you just opened in-order to turn on the lights. This is not always that big of an issue as most people do not ingress and egress through their front door but is preferred. The other issue is you should try and draw your guests eye to a view that is desirable as they enter, such as not to a wall, but rather an open room, a window, a staircase or other item that is preferred. Please use this diagram to select your swing as you are responsible for the swing selected or ordered and its acceptable application.

Our custom hand made wrought Iron Doors can make your dreams come true. We offer designs from simple to stunning, and construction that lasts for years and years. Our front doors redefine the first impression one gets when looking at a home. Elegant and rugged, these doors are the perfect addition to any home.

Most people find the door they love in our in-stock selection, but if you do not, or you have a special need, we can build what ever designed door you want for a slight upcharge, with the glass and color of your choosing. This is only available for those customers who have the time to wait. Be prepared, a special order door can take from 90-150 days to arrive once designs have been approved and Wholesale Iron Doors can not be liable for shipping delays. By far the best deal is on our over 600 in-stock doors that are ready for immediate pickup.

When purchasing a door or ordering a special order door remember that we simply sell and or build what you, your installer or builder request based on what you provide. We guarantee that your ordered doors will be build per the CAD drawing provided by our design team and factory, but it is your sole responsibility to verify what is being purchased and or ordered for you is acceptable for your use and application. You must verify its dimensions, its swing, its color, its glass its jam size and so on. Do remember that in most applications a 2×6 jamb is for a 2×4 wall and a 2×6 wall may need to have a 2×8 jamb or the use of brick mold or our trim kit or have your builder modify the application of the finished exterior product being applied. We will provide you with CAD drawings for your review. When doing a remodel please note that there are many variables as to the max size you can have your door built and be able to set it properly, such as were your studs are in relation to your exterior material such as stone and brick. On New construction your rough opening should be 2 inch’s wider and 1 Inch taller than the unit size that you have purchased and or ordered (you will find the unit measurements on the CAD drawing provided). Please note that if your finished floors are not in yet you may have to allow for that adjustment if the door will need to be raised to accommodate finished floor material. The threshold on the inside is 1 inch, so you may need to raise the door off the slab depending on your thickness of your finished interior floors. Should you have any questions please verify with us before order is placed as all special ordered doors are non refundable as they have been built to your specific requested dimensions and specs.


Although we do not provide in-house install, we do offer our customers a list of a few installer that work with iron doors. All homeowners should do their own due diligence in getting referrals and feeling comfortable with the installer that they choose. Wholesale Iron Doors provides these installers as a courtesy but Wholesale Iron Doors does not employ installers nor are we paid for any aspect of your install nor do we collect payment for your install. All installations are between the homeowner and the installer. You may use whoever you wish to install your door and Wholesale Iron Doors will provide you or them with support for any covered defective part on the door through our 1 year warranty, but we do not do install nor do we do service calls. Please note that most issues with a door are from installation, so using someone who is familiar with the ins and outs of an iron door installation is critical. Even if using an installer from our courtesy list, you as the home owner are responsible for getting references and hiring someone that you feel is competent for your specific job. Wholesale Iron Doors does not warranty any part of the installation process and most installers do not warranty any issues as a result of door and or foundation movement after install. If you have purchased your hardware from Wholesale Iron Doors any install issues should be addressed with either your installer or the hardware manufacturer. Any service call would be the responsibility of you or who ever you choose to do the install. Wholesale Iron doors does not allow the return of hardware or any item that has been or attempted to be installed.

Working directly with the installers allows you to save money on the install as we are paid nothing. If you or your installer are providing measurements for your door, we only guarantee that the door is built to those dimensions provided or to the dimensions listed on the door you purchase.

Door Installation

Iron door installs are unique; an iron door does not install the same as a wood door. Furthermore, every house is unique, each home is built different and presents its own challenges during install. It is important that your installer not only understand the various construction techniques but has an understanding of the principals involved in converting from wood to iron. Do note that any foundation movement or other structural movement after install is very difficult to correct as Iron Doors can not be trimmed down like wood doors and if you suspect you may have those issues an Iron Door may not be the best choice for you as independent installers can not and will not warranty those issues.

Although installation of an iron door can be very simple, it does take some know-how and most all door issues are a result of in-proper installation or settlement and are not the responsibility of Wholesale Iron Doors. We are a wholesaler of Iron Doors and allow the general public to buy directly from us just like our builders, installers and other retailers who re-sell our door. Please note that we do not do on sight sales calls or measurements, and you, your builder or installer are responsible for all measurements provided and all aspects of applicable applications of what you purchase. Do note that we stock doors with 2×6 jambs which are usually used for 2×4 walls, if you have 2×6 walls you may need to address that with your builder and or use brick mold, a trim kit or order a door with a larger jamb. Our doors are recommended to be installed by attaching a screw thru the top L bracket of the frame and then installing the doors on the frame without the glass and then adjust the frame left or right to make sure correct alignment and door clearance and closure occurs before attaching screws and or bolts to the side L brackets. YOU CAN NOT SET DOOR FRAMES WITHOUT INSTALLING DOORS TO ASSURE PROPER CLOSURE. Bottom threshold must be 100% level, and there must be room on each side between the frame and the structure to make adjustments so that the doors close and operate correctly. TO TIGHT OF AN OPENING WILL MAKE SETTING THE DOOR CORRECTLY IMPOSSIBLE!

Please check with the installer of your choosing as to what is included in the price they quote. Items such as trim, paint, and even haul off of old door or empty crates may vary from installer to installer. Also ask them what install warranty they provide. Wholesale Iron Doors only warranties its parts deemed defective for 1 year. Wholesale Iron Doors IN NO INSTANCE WILL WARRANTY ANY ASPECT OF YOUR INSTALLATION, INCLUDING PROPER CLOSURE CLEARANCE OR HARDWARE INSTALLATION. These are all issues from installation as all doors are built on the frame they are sold with and verified. Do note that each door is a custom work of art and slight variances and imperfections are to be expected to achieve that authentic wrought iron look and style. You or your chosen installer are responsible for installation of door and hardware and or replacing any covered item Wholesale Iron Doors deemed defective including touch up if required. Wholesale Iron Doors only provides replacement parts not labor to install. Any warranty having to do with door hardware should be directed to your installer or the hardware manufacturer. Baldwin can be contacted at , Bravura at

  • Important note- Door replacement is construction work. Installers do everything they can to control the dust but many factors are out of their control. We recommend that homeowners take every precaution to protect sensitive and valuable items.
  • Important note-most Installers do not install alarm sensors. Iron doors require special sensors, most leave that to those most qualified to the task.


The below installers do not directly work for our company. Again, Wholesale Iron Doors is not responsible for, nor are we paid for your installation. It is your sole responsibility to hire an installer that you feel comfortable with and it is your responsibility to pay them directly as we do not sell nor collect for installations. Our sales staff can work with you and your installer to get measurements for your door but this again is the sole responsibility of you and your installer for what is ordered or purchased. If doing a special order door you must approve the CAD drawing before construction of your door can begin. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR INSTALLATION.

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