Highest Quality iron doors at half the price

We were individual home flippers who found that the small guy could not buy from suppliers at a price that was advantageous in the quantities that the small guy, or individual needed. Even if you sacrificed quality, the price was still out of reach. The more quantity you order the better price point you get, and we where adamant about getting the highest quality doors available. We also found that when importing items the shipping made it price prohibited, unless you ordered large quantities and shared the shipping cost. We also found that when ordering large items individually they quite often got damaged when shipped on pallets and transferred with fork lifts, that’s why you will never see a fork lift in our warehouse. We hand unload and load all of our doors. The safest and most affordable shipping was to use 40 foot containers, but this meant large quantities.

We decided to order what we needed for our jobs and fill the shipping containers with additional quantities in order to make it affordable for ourselves and then pass that savings on to our customers. We have found that we are able to offer the highest quality doors at about half the price as our local competitors. We evolved and now sell doors to other door companies and retailers and installers as a wholesaler, and have become one of the largest Iron Door company’s in the country, but we still allow individuals to purchase direct from us and cut out the middle man. We have the highest quality doors, and have 50 on display for you to inspect and see for yourself, and over 600 in stock for immediate pickup. We do provide limited warranty as we do not sell at the high retail price nor do we do in house install allowing you to get the lowest direct price for your door and negotiate the best price for your install yourself directly with the installer of your choosing. We do provide you a way to save thousands on your door by cutting out the retail aspect and we get no kick back from your install, but do realize that you are taking on part of the responsibility for your purchase and or install.

As we do not provide in-house install, but rather offer to our customers a list of door installers or allow you to use your own. we cut ourselves out as the middleman and allow you to work directly with the installers and save money on the install as well. Other than providing the list of installers, we do not take any responsibility for their work and you must feel comfortable with them before hiring any installer, you will contract and pay them directly. Installing Iron doors take some know-how, but many of our customers save even more by installing them themselves. We are all about getting you the best quality products at the best possible price.