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  • Are Iron Entry Front Doors the Home Design Trend for 2019?
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Our manufacturer is one of the leading manufacturer of Iron Doors in the world, and the craftsmanship is second to none. We encourage all buyers to come tour our showroom and design center in Dallas, TX to experience the quality first hand were we have over 700 doors in stock. We do things to our doors that few other manufacturers do at any price, such as ball bearing hinges, and double T-astragal. Don’t be fooled, come check out our doors for yourself. You will be blown away!


Each door comes insulated with high quality foam insulation that is pumped into the jamb, door frame as well as the door itself. The door also comes with weather stripping and door sweep as well.


The doors come ready to hang on the 12 gauge steel frame. The steel frame supports the weight of the doors and allows for easy installation as all hinges are pre attached. The frame is pre-drilled with holes for easy install. Most doors are drilled for double bores and set up for 2 ¾”backset and 2” wide door slab.

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No one Beats our Prices!

Our doors are made with all of the highest quality materials in the industry.

  • 12 gauge steel which is 29% thicker than 14 gauge
  • Insulated double pane 100% tempered glass
  • Weather stripping and threshold as well as threshold sweeps included
  • Two Separate operational glass doors
  • Zinc coated to be rust resistant
  • Baked on multi-coat finish

About Us

We were individual home flippers who found that the small guy could not buy from suppliers at a price that was advantageous in the quantities that the small guy, or individual needed.


All of our iron doors are made with 12 gauge iron and feature scroll work that has been expertly hand forged using 5/8″ solid steel. We use the best materials, but what sets our doors apart is that our manufactures are artisans and second to none.

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Most doors are equipped with interior glass panels that open independently from the door. This feature allows for ventilation, cleaning and security by keeping the door closed and locked between the homeowner and the outside. We offer low-E glass on some doors. Glass is tempered to ensure safety

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The Top 3 Things to Increase Your Home’s Beauty and Value

Be sure to focus on those that you can enjoy now and those, which will boost the resale value of your home when you’re ready to sell.

Are Iron Entry Front Doors the Home Design Trend for 2019?

Many homeowners are looking at ways to refresh the style of their homes.

We are all abut getting the best quality products at the best price

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